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New BOMA BESt Certifications

Boma Best January 2016

Artis REIT is pleased to have 51 properties in our portfolio certified Building Owners and Managers Association Building Environmental Standard (BOMA BESt). This is a huge jump from the 36 BOMA BESt certified properties in our portfolio as at September 30, 2015, thanks to our Calgary Property Management Team.

BOMA BESt is not only an environmental certification program, it is the only assessment and certification program of its kind in Canada designed to assess the operational and environmental performance of a building over time.

BOMA BESt is an excellent tool that quantifies a building’s baseline and continued performance. It also assists the owner or manager in implementing suggested improvements, and offers ideas for preventative maintenance or upgrades, flagging items long before they can become an issue. The web based program allows users to continually monitor their building’s performance and assists in the implementation of operational improvements suggested in the programs “BESt Practices and Recommendations”. These improvements are tailored specifically for your building.

The program targets six key areas of environmental performance and management:

  1. Energy
  2. Water
  3. Waste Reduction and Site Development
  4. Emissions and Effluents
  5. Indoor Environment
  6. Environmental Management Systems

Artis is committed to improving the energy efficiency of our properties and reducing our environmental footprint. Artis has made significant advances in corporate sustainability and this will continue to be a high priority for Artis in the future.

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