Artis REIT

Artis Hires 200th Employee

— By Lorianne Dueck

Artis Growth Trajectory

Beginning in 2005 with nearly a dozen employees, Artis REIT has since become a thriving international company with a talented employee base of over two hundred professionals. The number of employees has increased by 33% in the last three years, going from 150 in 2013 to over 200 staff members in 2016. These metrics foreshadow continued growth while affirming the successful strategies put into place by Artis’ Management Team.

When asked what having over 200 employees means for Artis, Mathieu Thevenot, Manager – Human Resources in Winnipeg stated that this is “a sign we are doing really well.” These types of numbers are reported on LinkedIn, identifying Artis as a growing company with the resources to hire more employees as it continues to expand. “It’s a flag out there,” commented Mathieu, “[and highlights] us as a healthy and stable environment for a long-term career.”

Growth of this magnitude does require some adjustment. Policies need to be updated and implemented, company-wide initiatives require more organization, and management responsibilities are increased. Human Resources explains that when Artis was a smaller company, initiatives could be communicated easily across departments with minimal administration. Now, with two hundred staff spread across two countries in 10 different cities, procedures need to be formalized for consistency in brand appearance and management. Nonetheless, these types of challenges are welcomed by the Human Resources team, who travel for training, development, and recruitment.

The Human Resources team – Morgan Johnson, Mathieu Thevenot, Idayat Ogungbade, and Sheila Oliphant – has staff in both Calgary and Winnipeg, and is devoted to promoting and providing Best In-Class service to current and future Artis team members. Artis REIT won the HR Team of the Year award in 2015 and will continue to seek recognition that demonstrates Artis is an employer of choice in all locations.

Even with all of these new undertakings, the staff in Human Resources are quick to say that they never want Artis to lose its caring, family-oriented culture and holistic approach to management, characteristic of smaller employers. Mathieu explains that they still want to preserve the setting where the CEO can walk up to employees and talk candidly with them, maintaining minimal levels of administration. This approach is one of the many things that helped make Artis REIT one of Manitoba’s Top Employers and one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers in 2016 (

Artis REIT is considered a medium sized employer, however the benefits and initiatives provided to employees are similar to those found in much larger companies. Initiatives like Health and Wellness and the Social Committee have been developed further to increase engagement, efficiency, and boost office morale. As Artis expands, standards and expectations will remain at their current level of excellence while adapting to reflect the changing company. Artis is proud of its employees, and looks forward to acquiring and developing new talent as the REIT continues to grow.